Positive Psychology and Finances.

What: Yes! Prosperity is an educational program designed for adults and teenager to increase financial and emotional intelligence. Learn More

How: This is a seven-step program that uses mindfulness and positive psychology to help you become aware and resolve inner limitations that affect your emotional and financial wellbeing. Learn More

Why: because our mission is to help individual overcome suffering and financial stress, support wellness and a fair distribution of wealth. Learn More

Benefits: we embark you in a journey of self-discovery that can help you take charge of your life to find happiness and prosperity in a context of social contribution. Learn More

Yes! Prosperity Program

Financial stress is one of the major sources of suffering in the world, jeopardizing physical, mental and emotional wellness. The uneven distribution of wealth creates chaotic conditions that affects the quality of life of millions of people across the globe. Although there are many different explanations for such disparity, individual’s mindset is a major cause of poverty and suffering. This points to the fact that the greatest challenge to solving the financial crisis that affects people daily is helping them overcome negative financial conditioning, which can transform their relationship with money at the deepest level. Yes! Prosperity is an educational program geared towards achieving that purpose.


Many people want to achieve inner peace, prosperity and a sense of unity, but struggle with limiting beliefs, negative emotions, disruptive habits and toxic past experiences that make them feel anxious about the future, depressed about the past, rejected due to low self-esteem and powerless over life in general. They would like to find a clear sense of direction that can help them access their personal power to overcome inner limitations, while providing practical knowledge on how to achieve their goals. This unique program combines mindful emotional wellness, financial literacy and modern research to give a simple step-by-step guide that enhances emotional, financial and social intelligence. As a result, individuals embark on a self-directed inner transformation that allows them to consciously relate to themselves, to money and to others, bringing about inner peace, prosperity and a sense of wholeness, the fastest way possible.

Our Approach

We believe that overcoming negative financial and mental habits require a well balance approach that can help you understand yourself, basic financial principles and your relationship to the world.


These are some of the benefits of the Yes! Prosperity program:

  • We help you overcome financial distress and motivate you to reach your highest goals.
  • We provide ongoing support to cultivate sustainable motivation.
  • We encourage self-discipline as a cornerstone for wellness and financial peace.
  • We use gratitude as a tool for inner change.
  • We explore the body/mind connection to discover and overcome emotional/financial blocks.
  • We emphasize the expansion of awareness and compassion.
  • We embark individuals in a self-directed journey of inner learning that leads to a better life.

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Yes! Prosperity Training ~ The 7 Steps

1. Clear Vision

It is hard to reach a destination you do not have. A clear vision about your future and your big “why” are essential for inner peace and prosperity.

2. Balanced Thinking

Self-sabotage is one of the biggest obstacles that you face when trying to make positive changes. This destructive tendency comes in the way of destructive thinking and self-criticism. Overcoming such mental habits is a key component of a mindful and successful life.

3. Empowering Emotions

Destructive emotions tend to decrease your motivation and will power. Emotional well-being is not just a means to an end, but an end itself. As you improve your emotional life, you feel happier, more fulfilled and motivated to reach your highest goals. By learning the language of your emotions, you harness the power of the body mind connection to increase your emotional intelligence faster than you ever thought possible.

4. Processing the Past

Many of the inner obstacles you face are the vestiges of an unprocessed past that you are usually unaware of. Learning to independently uncover and process your generational patterns and painful experiences can put you in the fast track for inner growth and emotional maturity.

5. Clear Goals and Plans

Implementing great ideas require a systematic approach to planning and monitoring results. Overcoming internal obstacles, combined with practical knowledge can turn your dreams into concrete realities

6. Financial Literacy

Attaining financial peace entails following sound financial principles that can bring a sense of order in your relationship with money. This, in turn, can lead to clearer financial decisions and decreased financial stress

7. Social Contribution

Research shows that the way you choose to spend your money has a greater effect on your levels of happiness than earning more money! Learning how to align your finances in a context of social responsibility and sustainable practices can reveal deeper meaning in your relationship with others and the planet.


Raúl Quintero


Thank you for this knowledge that you transmit to us that are of high value. They have helped me transcend to other levels and achieve many dreams and make other people’s dreams possible. The training is very well organized and the methodology very practical

Yeimy Astrid Cardon


The program Yes! Prosperity, has helped me identify that I did not feel worthy in addition to other family beliefs under which I rejected money. The program also helped me recognize my true value.

Carlos Henao López


The training has been very helpful and has provided me with tools to improve as a person at all levels. 

Rosario Mazo

This wonderful training taught me to recognize and control my emotions. To be kind to myself and accept myself. Thank you.

Beatriz Elena Hincapié

As I have relaxed my mind I have been able to achieve more emotional stability to act more freely in all areas of my life.

María Fabiola Gómez

(The training) … I found it very important as it encourages us to do better every day, both spiritually and intellectually and gives us guidelines to move forward and achieve our goals. 

Liliana Zapata

Event Planner

I bear witness to very favorable changes creating different habits, reviewing how our relationship with money is in order to achieve good habits and allow our mind to expand.

Martha Sierra

Life Coach

With your program I was able to realize that money and prosperity really are energy and when we are not aligned with the universe and with the laws that govern it, it becomes very difficult for abundance to reach our lives. I love how you concatenate all the points to carry out a whole methodology and be able to obtain very good results.

Magda Henao

What I learned in this training has been very useful for my daily life. Thank you 

María Zoraida


The training is very good. The methodology is very clear. 

Elvia Quintero Ospina

All topics are of utmost importance to apply them to everyday life. I feel very happy.