Yes! Prosperity Program

Financial stress is one of the major sources of suffering in the world, jeopardizing physical, mental and emotional wellness. The uneven distribution of wealth creates chaotic conditions that affects the quality of life of millions of people across the globe. Although there are many different explanations for such disparity, individual’s mindset is a major cause of poverty and suffering. This points to the fact that the greatest challenge to solving the financial crisis that affects people daily is helping them overcome negative financial conditioning, which can transform their relationship with money at the deepest level. Yes! Prosperity is an educational program geared towards achieving that purpose.


Many people want to achieve inner peace, prosperity and a sense of unity, but struggle with limiting beliefs, negative emotions, disruptive habits and toxic past experiences that make them feel anxious about the future, depressed about the past, rejected due to low self-esteem and powerless over life in general. They would like to find a clear sense of direction that can help them access their personal power to overcome inner limitations, while providing practical knowledge on how to achieve their goals. This unique program combines mindful emotional wellness, financial literacy and modern research to give a simple step-by-step guide that enhances emotional, financial and social intelligence. As a result, individuals embark on a self-directed inner transformation that allows them to consciously relate to themselves, to money and to others, bringing about inner peace, prosperity and a sense of wholeness, the fastest way possible.

Our Approach

We believe that overcoming negative financial and mental habits require a well balance approach that can help you understand yourself, basic financial principles and your relationship to the world.


These are some of the benefits of the Yes! Prosperity program:

  • We help you overcome financial distress and motivate you to reach your highest goals.
  • We provide ongoing support to cultivate sustainable motivation.
  • We encourage self-discipline as a cornerstone for wellness and financial peace.
  • We use gratitude as a tool for inner change.
  • We explore the body/mind connection to discover and overcome emotional/financial blocks.
  • We emphasize the expansion of awareness and compassion.
  • We embark individuals in a self-directed journey of inner learning that leads to a better life.

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