Meet Andrea...

Andrea Monsanto is social emotional wellness coach, speaker, and author. She has a science degree from SUNY at Stony Brook, studied at The School of Practical Philosophy and has a master´s degree in positive psychology from Life University, Atlanta, USA. She is facilitator for the Compassionate Integrity Training, which is used by the United Nations to teach social-emotional learning throughout the world. For almost two decades she has been practicing mindfulness and has been training individuals and groups for over a decade. Andrea uses positive psychology, contemplative sciences, neurosciences, together with spiritual teachings to guide individuals towards emotional resilience, better finances and a sense of connection with others and the planet.

Andrea has a background in finances and has combined her knowledge of finances and social emotional wellness to create a holistic movement for abundance and prosperity. Through her “Yes! Prosperity program”, she helps individuals reach a state of affluence and inner peace in a context of social responsibility.

Andrea is part of the Latino Who’s Who. She received an award as “The Social Entrepreneur of the Year” in 2013.  She has earned several awards as an effective communicator from Toastmasters International. She has given numerous lectures and workshops on green-living, emotional intelligence, and professional development. She has appeared in Galavision, Univision, Telemundo, CNN Latino, TV Asia, etc.

Andrea is also engaged in many community education programs in cooperation with different organizations. She is currently involved in implementing socioemotional wellness with teachers.

We aim at helping communities overcome poverty and support a fair distribution of wealth!


Andrea feels that one of the major challenges of our times is that people lack self-knowledge, which leads to a deep sense of separation with others and the planet. This sense of separation creates a false perception of reality that leads to suffering and self-destruction that is then reflected in the way people relate to one another and the environment. At the core of humanity’s most pressing issues, there is a desperate need to awaken to a more balanced sense of reality. Her biggest goal is to assist individuals in that process of realignment to help them awaken to inner peace, prosperity and unity.

Cultivating emotional and financial wellness to help humanity overcome suffering!